What Does 2014 Hold For the Aquarius?


Well, it’s a New Year and possibly a new you, but our monthly zodiac blogs have not changed! You will still get to read what the year ahead looks like for you from your health to love to finances and maybe a bit more!! Yesterday we went from Capricorn to Aquarius on January 21st– February 19th, so what are some strengths that the Aquarius have… first off I would say their honesty and truthfulness as well as their intellect, and how about some of their weaknesses… well, the Aquarius can be a bit rebellious and detached as well as being a bit unpredictable at times. But really can’t we all be a bit unpredictable?? So let’s get right to it!!

What does 2014 hold for all our Aquarius friends out there??

Love & Travel

    • This year looks like an excellent year for the Aquarius to travel and fall in love, especially this spring and summer. Who knows maybe you will even fall in love during one of your travels? Like I said maybe you will take a cooking class and meet your soul mate while learning how to cook the perfect piece of meat!?! Or during a wine taking (or tasting) class you will find the one you want to share a bottle with for the rest of your life. Either way this looks to be the year for you in romance and travel and isn’t that what most of us want at least once in life? A romantic unexpected journey that leads to love!?!
    • Love has been a difficult one for most Aquarius out there, not finding a balance, always seeing the bad or difficult and having a hard time figuring out how to smooth out the bumps, but it’s all ending. You are hearing your voice allowing all those around you to hear your voice making you a happier more confident you.

Career & Finance

    • New career opportunities are on the rise in the fall allowing you to possibly end the year with a leader position in your job field. Just keep in mind not to take in more than you can handle, don’t worry about losing on a great job since there are sure to be many more for you this year. It’s about quality not quantity that’s what going to get you noticed.

Well, there we have it for 2014, this year seems to really focus on love, travel and career for all you Aquarius out there. Meeting new people and finally being able to communicate with them and not at them, and you are officially in a power position at work bringing you to the top! For more information about what 2014 holds for you try a free psychic reading online today!

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