What Does 2013 Hold For The Leo??


Today we have another zodiac sign change: we go from Cancer to Leo from July 23rd – August 23rd. Leo’s are confident, ambitious and loyal people, but we know that we all have strengths and weaknesses and as loyal as Leo’s are also stubborn, vain, and overbearing.  The Leo’s have a motto, “What you see is what you get” and this goes for the good and the bad, they don’t hold anything back or hide any feelings.

So…What does 2013 hold for all our Leo friends out there??


The year 2013 is full of good health for Leo’s, full of positive energies. Leo’s need to try and avoid stress and any overwhelming new commitments especially at work and this will help to keep you Leo’s strong and healthy. Throughout the year look for your good health to just get better as long as you keep your anger in control. With anger you tend to let your diet slide, be careful not to do this or you will see your health fall not rise. And finally, make sure to see the dentist by the end of 2013, it can become easy to reschedule all those cleanings but something tells me this year is an important one for all you Leo’s out there to keep your dental health in check!


This year you Leo’s out there will continue to build up your career and then destroy them, but once destroyed rebuild over and over until you have your job perfectly put together for yourself! This year all your hard work will show and you will no longer be left in the shadows, it is your time to shine! The year 2013 shows great changes in the financial lives of all you Leo’s out there and possibly even a chance of inheriting property… In the end this year shows lots of possibilities of incoming wealth it is up to you how you spend… or invest it!


2013 looks to be a good year for love but don’t let your insecurities or sensitivities ruin it for you. This is a year to settle down and build a strong bond with the one you care most for, listen to him or her like you want to be listened to. Never have you been so ready to build a home with your partner and due to Saturn you will stick to your guns with love and happiness till 2015. If you are already in a long-term relationship now is the time to deepen the connection, you are ready for that lifelong commitment!

So, there you have it, 2013 shows the Leo’s getting stronger through the year in every aspect of themselves especially love and home happiness and this will continue well into 2015. It also shows that they will have fortune coming their way through work and inheritance and they have good health on their side!  For more information about what 2013 holds for you try a free psychic reading online today!

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