What Does 2013 Hold For The Capricorn?


A few days ago we had another zodiac sign change: we went from Sagittarius to Capricorn on December 22nd – January 19th. All of our zodiac signs out there have their strengths and weaknesses and one big strength all our Capricorn friends have is their ability to overcome obstacles, and their biggest weakness… too much work and too little play… As their motto states, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a door”.

So…What does 2013 hold for all our Capricorn friends out there??


For 2013 the health of a Capricorn looks, pretty great! It looks like you will not have had any major health issues, maybe a few minor problems like headaches or eye irritation but that’s about it. And eye problems seem to be the big one for all Capricorns, including possible eye surgery for the elderly. Other than that it looks like you will have good fortune in heath throughout the year, good for you Capricorns!


Financially for Capricorn this year looks good, it’s looking like there will be good cash flow throughout the year. This year looks like you have good luck when it comes to fortune and I want you to enjoy it, just keep in mind to save some for the future. Not every year will be a good one as well, if you have children yet or not you will need to save for them for their futures as well.


For all you Capricorns out there this year is about deep and meaningful commitment! You are done with the shallow and insincere love relationships of last year, this is an “All or Nothing” year for you. If you are already married then expect a year filled with travel and joy and if you are in a committed relationship maybe an engagement is around the corner?? If you are single then stick to your guns that guy or girl who is looking for the same lifelong qualities is on their way to you!

So there you have it, 2013 show the Capricorn will have a great year in love and just remember to trust your gut decisions and don’t second guess yourself! It looks like you will be very comfortable financially and even gives you the boost you needed to save for the future. And as far as health goes, other than taking care of those eyes, you should be hospital free! For more information about what 2013 holds for you try a free psychic reading online.



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