The Year of the Horse


Today, January 31st, 2014, is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, so let’s find out what this year and especially those born in the Year of the Horse, has in store for us. The horse is known by the Chinese people to be energetic, lively, kind-hearted, and brilliant.

Strengths of Those Born in the Year of the Horse

    • The people born in the year of the horse are extremely creative especially in their communication skills and in their home city relations. They are kind to those around them and want to be involved in many tasks available to them. They are happy, talented, and sensitive.  They are loved by friends and family, important and helpful at work and are never ok with failing or giving up!

Weaknesses of Those Born in the Year of the Horse

    • Those born in the year of the horse don’t like limitations, they can be impatient, and they are independent, which is a good thing till their independence makes it so they do not want to take advice from those around them. They are also spenders, making them quite wasteful, they are more concerned with making themselves happy and buying things for that purpose than saving and being thrifty.

For this year for those born under the year of a horse now or past this looks like it may be a rough year for you, not deviating but not the easiest. The good news is that it looks like you are expected to find a love partner this year and if you already are in a romantic relationship than maybe it is the year for your relationship to grow even stronger. Just keep in mind for it to be a slow gradual relationship so try, and I know this can be hard for you, to not become overly aggressive about making or keeping relationships this year, let it flow naturally and you should enjoy the outcome.

Best Love Matches for the Horse

    • Dog
    • Tiger
    • Snake

Least Compatible for the Horse

    • Rat
    • Monkey

Your health looks pretty good for the year ahead just watch your own 2 feet towards the fall and winter for accidents or injuries. As far as cash flow goes it can be a great one for you, if you watch your wallet a bit, you do tend to be a spender and if you stop silly spending and don’t take unnecessary financial risks you should come out on top this year.

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