Speaking Zodiac… What Does 2014 Hold For You???


So the last post we learned a bit about each sign, their dates, characteristics and symbols but as promised today we will talk more about the zodiac year ahead. So… Let’s get right into it!


This month is a time for all you Capricorns to go over all the old mistakes you have made and fix them, the beginning of the spring brings love your way even if you weren’t looking for it and the end of the spring is the time for new opportunities and possibilities so keep your eyes open! And by the middle of the summer… you should be able to sit back and relax as your life is working out and your bank account is building up!!



This spring is a good time for all you Aquarius to travel, maybe take a cooking class in Italy or a wine making class in France… Summer is a time for new friendships and maybe even new romances, fall could bring you to new career opportunities and by the end of the year you could be a time for you to be in charge of your community, how does Chair of the Committee sound??


It is known that you Pisces out there are not good money managers… this year it is very important for you to keep to a budget with your finances, especially this spring! Luckily this summer is the time for your creative talents to take notice and bring in some money to you and your family. By fall things should be going smooth and by the end of the year you should feel on top of the world!


You Aries are large and in charge, you’re daring and adventurous in all aspects of your life but this January you are taking a break from being so bold which may show to be a good thing. And try to take a seat in the back every now and then too, sometimes pushing to the front all the time affects those your love, and that may be the case this spring. The summer is a time for partying for you and finally relaxing and by the end of the year you should be evened out, financially, and spiritually.


Taurus your creativity and practicality combined with your determination will help you work with all the demands your life calls for throughout the first half of this year. The spring will be a good time for you to focus on your health, fitness and diet. By summer you may be looking at a new arrival in your family, a partner in life, a child, an in-law….


Oh Gemini’s, the twins, you are very active and competitive, you love social events and parties and those competitive juices will be fast flowing from now till the summer so everyone watch out! Your also not good at siting still, you love traveling but I would suggest waiting till the winter is over this year. Spring looks to be like the season of love for you as well, and by the end of the year look for new job possibilities.


You Cancer’s really know how to play the tough love card, but behind it I know you have one of the most caring souls, but be careful this month as to those who don’t know the real you see you as cold, so open up. This year is about fixing up your home, repairs, replacements, maybe even relocation, and this summer may be an increase in your income which could really help with these improvements. And by the fall your home should be done and you can look forward to a great love coming your way!


We all put on the extra pounds through the holiday and like most our resolution is to lose it, but you Leo’s won’t just be saying it, you will be doing it! Your life will be so crazy you will be running around burning calories without needing a gym membership. And even better, the spring brings new job opportunities your way.


Families to Virgo will have no worries, they know how to bring in the money and take care of themselves and everyone around them and that is exactly what you will be doing, especially this spring. Also, any issues you had with siblings or neighbors will be resolved by the end of fall and by the end of the year you are ready to put down some roots!


From now till the summer your Libra’s are unusually abrupt with those around you due to new responsibilities. By the end of summer you will have found a way to relax and possibly even make new friends.


This year is about you Scorpios, this spring is a time for you to get more rest than usual and make more time for yourself. By the end of the spring a new relationship takes a big turn and by summer all your research may have opened the door for a new job and by the end of the year you will be ready to take a big leap into a new career.


Sagittarius laid-back approach to life has got them far but no more, this year, especially till the end of the summer, is about buckling down on life and finances. If you have played your cards and finances right by summer there will be many travel possibilities available to you so take them and see the world!

Well, there we have it, a bit about how the year will look for every sign, but incase this was not enough remember each month we get deeper into the sign of that month. And if that is still not enough you can always try a free psychic reading online with one of our amazing psychics here at Live Psychics Network!

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