What Color is your Aura?

seeing aurasWell. First off, what is the Aura? An aura is a field of gleaming energy surrounding a person or object, the representation of this aura predicts a person’s power in spirituality.
There are many colors and from each color there are also variations of each color, here we will list the basic colors and what they mean.
• Red is the most powerful aura color, it is also the most dense color, it represents blood and fire. It can be a positive or negative element which can indicate aggression, anger, anxiety, or hate. It can also indicate heat which could be swelling or pain, and injury to the body. Or it can indicate a strong willed, passionate or sexual person filled with competitive energy.
• Orange is an outgoing warm color, the color of vitality, good health and excitement; it usually represents joy and reproductive organs. A person with an orange aura is a very sociable person who likes to be around other people. Orange indicates a creative adventurous person.
• Yellow is a mental color, it is related directly to the spleen and to a person’s energy source, their “chi”. It is the color of intelligence, optimism, creativity and inspiration.

• Green is the color of health and comfort; it represents nature and growth, the color of healing and renewal. Healers like doctors or psychologists tend to have a green aura.

• Blue is a calming peaceful color it represents the throat, specifically the thyroid, a person with a blue aura is an intuitive person who loves helping others. And you are good in a crisis as you keep calm and are someone for others to lean on.

• Purple is a spiritual color, it is associated with the third eye chakra, it is also associated with the pituitary gland, pineal gland and the nervous system. Purple is the most sensitive and wisest of all the colors, purple is the aura color most psychics have.
One way to practice trying to see your own aura is to place your hand on a piece of white paper and try to look behind your hand, look between the fingers rather than directly at your hand. Without moving your hand try to concentrate, after a few seconds you will see the soul (the white aura), after a few more you will start to see colors around your fingers, at this time try to move your fingers but not your eyes. Now you should be able to see your aura stick to the paper, do this daily but try not to tire your eyes, if you over concentrate you could end up with a headache or eye strain, if that happens, stop. And if you are practicing and not getting the results you hope for, email us and maybe we can see what you cannot…

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