Visualization as a Psychic Tool

Here at we believe that everyone has the potential to be psychic. More to the point, everyone IS psychic to one degree or another and it’s just a matter of honing your psychic skills, just as you would hone musical skills or your ability to play tennis or some other sport. Psychic development is a huge topic that could cover an entire book, and there are many techniques and tools that can be used. A good way to start is by getting live psychic readings from a variety of different types of psychic readers and finding one that does psychic training, one that you resonate with.

One of the most important tools for psychic development is the ability to visualize clearly. In fact, this is a tool to use for all kinds of things in life, and athletes know this as well as anyone. Most professional athletes say that they spend a great deal of time going over their sport mentally, seeing themselves adept at and excelling in the moves they need to perfect. One study reported by Psychology Today found that average people who only imagined themselves lifting weights actually increased their strength by 13.5%, almost half as much as people who increased their strength through actual physical weightlifting!

The true power of the mind is not yet fully understood, even by science. But psychics, yogis of the East, indigenous shaman and other esoterics have always understood the power of their thoughts. Nothing exists in the world without having begun as a thought. If you want to increase your own psychic potential, you cannot do it without first recognizing the inherent power of your mind to manifest that which it can imagine. If you need to see it to believe it—whether it’s a new car or the ability to communicate with the other side—just remember that seeing it in your mind is the first step toward seeing its actual manifestation. Once you understand this principle, you become a fully empowered human being.



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