Spiritual Growth: the Big Picture

Here at Live Psychics Network our job is (obviously) to provide the service of connecting you with a psychic consultant. But more than that, we also want to keep the bigger picture in mind. And that is to help highlight the job psychics do, which is to be aides to people on their spiritual journeys through life. Regardless of how they do it, whether it be through palm reading, numerology or any other psychic art, most psychics would agree that their ultimate work in the world is to help people spiritually evolve.

A spiritual journey is all about the journey through consciousness. As humans we are born into a state of spiritual amnesia, having crossed into the borderlands of the physical realm where our attention is trained on surviving within the limitations imposed by atoms, molecules and the laws of physics. We emerge incarnate in bodies from the space of eternal consciousness where in our AT-ONE-MENT we knew ourselves to be part of all that is. When we agreed to take on a physical form (and later forgot that we agreed to it) we were launched into a spiritual crisis that we spend our entire lives attempting to resolve.

People who practice psychic arts tend to be more aware of this than other people simply because their filters (the mechanism that regulates how much of the nonphysical realms we are able to perceive) are thinner. They serve as living reminders for what our job as humans is, i.e. to remember who we are as spirits having human experiences, not humans having spiritual experiences. This is why professional psychics don’t care to spend too much time making predictions about frivolous things (especially just to prove themselves to doubters). Most of the time they know there is much more important work to do and part of their agreements in coming into this particular lifetime is to help others negotiate theirs.




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