Learning from Our Dreams

As humans it is natural for us to try to find meaning for our lives. Religions are built on this need. A cynical view of this is that this need is a pathological response to the inherent meaninglessness of life. But on the other hand, for people with the ability to perceive states of reality beyond the physical the need for meaning is based on the view that human existence is only one place on the continuum of universal existence. It is more of an acknowledgment that we are far more than the bodies we inhabit. This is what it is to see your life as spiritual journey.

When you acknowledge that you are a spirit having a human experience you exist in an expanded state of awareness. In this expanded state of awareness the things that happen in your life are not merely a series of random events, but they are lessons meant to teach you how to be a whole, integrated and conscious individual, living life with purpose and in service beyond the self. You know yourself to be part of universal oneness, not separate from it. It is what some refer to as “God” or some other higher power.

From this perspective everything in our lives become touchstones or lessons designed to enhance our experience as spiritual beings masquerading as humans. This is as true for our ability to dream as anything else that may happen to us, from the most profound peak or ecstatic experiences to the lowest moments of despair and hopelessness, and everything in between. It is our job to learn how to interpret the lessons we are given in our experiences, just as it is our job to learn to interpret dream meanings on our way to becoming fully conscious human beings. Ultimately our biggest job is to wake up from the amnesic sleep that was induced upon our taking human bodies.



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