How to Remember Your Dreams

I don’t know how many times I woke up knowing my dream was amazing but I couldn’t for the life of me remember it, and I know I am NOT alone with this one!!! So… let’s figure out how we can remember those wonderful dreams our mind is producing. Here are 2 different techniques to try with three steps each.

Writing It Down

  1. Before you go to bed:Tell yourself you WILL remember your dreams, and then be sure your pad of paper and pen are in easy reach while still in bed. 

  2. Waking up:Have your alarm clock have it set on a low buzz, no music as it will clutter your mind, and for an added reminder place a sticky note on it saying ‘what did you dream?’. 

  3. Focus and concentrate: As soon as you wake do not move or talk, just think, what was the last thing you remember and write it down, don’t even look as you write, just stare at that object, what is it doing? Who is with you? Where are you? Write or draw whatever you see? Do you have a good feeling or bad? Get as much as you can on paper and then focus on the paper and see if you can help your memory make the connections.

Without Writing It Down

  1. Keep your eyes shut: Just as you are waking up there is a short transition time that lasts only about 15 seconds, it is important during this time to keep your eyes closed and try to remember everything. If you open your eyes during this time too quickly you are likely to forget your dream. 

  2. Force the dream: With your eyes still closed, keep quiet, and force yourself to keep following your dream, if you have not opened your eyes or been disturbed but you know you are in-between being asleep and awake then try to stay in the dream as long as you can. 

  3. Remember: Before you open your eyes remember something, anything, something that is very clear in your dream, a place, a person, something and when you wake say it out loud. This will help your dream stay with you throughout the day and allow more bits of it to follow.

Remember even though you will have 4-6 10 minute dreams a night you will probably only remember 1, 2 if you are really lucky. But the most important step to remember??? Getting plenty of good sleep!! Sweet dreams!!


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