How to Have Lucid Dreams and Control Them


So about 3 months ago we talked about what lucid dreams are but today we will focus on how to have them and once you do how to control them. But first let’s quickly have a little refresher… A lucid dream is simply a dream in which you know you are dreaming. And what causes these amazing dreams?? Lucid dreams usually happen when the dreamer encounters something strange and they (in their dream) stop to question their reality. So, moving on…

How to Have a Lucid Dream:

  • Daily and often ask yourself ‘am I dreaming’ and try some reality checks.
    • 1 reality check is to read something, turn away and read it again, if it says the same thing both times you are awake if it says something different both times you are not as awake as you thought.
  • Keep a dream journal, this is such a simple but important step, keep it close to bed and write in it immediately when you wake.
  • Find the best time, studies have shown that a nap in the early afternoon is the best time to have a lucid dream.
  • Use alarm clocks, set it for 7hrs after you fall asleep and keep eyes closed to remember as much as possible then write in your journal. You are more likely to remember the dream if you wake with an alarm than on your own…

How to Control a Lucid Dream:

  • First things first, NO T.V. or heavy music before you go to bed, this will influence your dreams, you want the last thing you think about the last image running through your brain to be about what you write down not what you watch or hear.
  • Every evening write in your notebook about what you WANT to dream about.
  • Draw and write out a fully detailed image of your dream you hope to have, make it as detailed as your creativity abilities can be.
  • Daydream about your dream as much as possible.
  • As you lay in bed imagine what it is you want to dream about, the place, the people, the colors and smells, everything.  This is a very important step.
  • Every morning write in your notebook about what you DID dream. Write as much as you can remember every color, shape, person, and place.

Now that you know what a lucid dream is enjoy them, try writing them down or controlling them, and if you find you are having lots of the same dreams try speaking to a dream interpreter.  Even though things are always this way maybe your dreams really are speaking to you…

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