How to Control Your Dreams

How to control your dreams? Is it possible to control them? Can anyone do it? Yes, you can control your but it’s not as easy as that; with a few simple steps, some household items, and some practice over time you should be able to control your dreams. Read on to find out what steps have to be taken to start the process.


  • Notebook or Dream Journal
  • Pen or pencil


  1. First things first, NO T.V. or heavy music before you go to bed, this will influence your dreams, you want the last thing you think about the last image running through your brain to be about what you write down not what you watch or hear.
  2. Every evening write in your notebook about what you WANT to dream about.
  3. Draw and write out a fully detailed image of your dream you hope to have, make it as detailed as your creativity abilities can be.
  4. Daydream about your dream as much as possible.
  5. As you lay in bed imagine what it is you want to dream about, the place, the people, the colors and smells, everything.  This is a very important step.
  6. Every morning write in your notebook about what you DID dream. Write as much as you can remember every color, shape, person, and place.

Are You Asleep?

  1. While sleeping do a State Test, this will help you figure out if you are asleep or awake, it is good to also do this randomly during the day so you are in the habit of doing it.
  • To do a State Test look at something with written words on it, a painting, poster, sign, anything with text. Read the words, turn away and then read them again. If they say the same thing both times then you are awake if they change then you are asleep.
  1. Once you have hit the point when you know you are asleep relax, you are in your dream so try and control something.
  • Start with something small; tell yourself which way to walk.
  • As time goes by tell yourself to do more and more things.


  • Don’t go to bed hungry
  • Don’t attempt this on a night that you have been drinking (too much alcohol can become in control of your dreams)

There you go, you are now in control of your dreams, all you have to do now is sleep and enjoy!!

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