Guest Post: Finding Love in All the Wrong Places

While most people in today’s modern dating world may consider it cliché to meet a significant other in a bar, the statistics don’t lie. reveals that one of the top five ways for 18 to 27-year-olds to meet that special someone is at a bar.

Most singles on the dating scene today are willing to do almost anything to meet the right person. You may decide to join an online dating website, ask friends to set you up on blind dates, and even contact a psychic to find out if true love is in your future.

How to Successfully Meet Someone at a Bar

Given the fact that many adults spend their free time in a relaxed social environment like a sports bar, the opportunity for love may be right under your nose. To approach bar scene dating with the right attitude, it helps to set yourself up for success with these quick tips:

  1. Go to the bar alone. While many people assume drinking alone is creepy at best, flying solo at a bar will force you to mix and mingle. If you’re the wallflower type that finds it difficult to engage strangers in conversation, grabbing a drink alone will help you to face your fears immediately. For starters, women in a bar alone will look more approachable; men out alone will appear more confident. Instead of scouting out a bar to find an eligible suitor, members of the opposite sex will come to you with more than a few free drinks sent your way.
  2. Drink in moderation. We all know about beer goggles, whether it’s from a wild night out with friends or personal experience. Limiting your drinking will help you to keep your head clear as you meet new people at a bar. If you want any chance of meeting the right person over a game of pool, it’s best to stick to a two drink minimum, or else you may risk chatting up a potentially ineligible stranger.
  3. Dress to impress. If you want to attract the right type of person at a bar, rethink your wardrobe. If you’re dressed in sleazy clothing, consider that an invitation for all the creeps in the room to give you their number. If you want to meet a man with a good job, for example, show up at the bar dressed in business attire with a laptop in hand. Other young professionals that have stopped by for a drink after work may be more likely to pay you attention and ask what you do for a living.

In most cases, it’s relatively simple to start a conversation with a new person in the relaxed environment of a bar. If you’re hoping to meet that special someone the next time that you go out for a drink, stick to the proven recipe of warm, inviting body language. A smile will go a long way to show someone of the opposite sex that you’re interested, opening the door for some friendly conversation.

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