Does Your Zodiac Sign Have a Superpower?



There have been many many many super hero movies out these days, Spiderman, Batman, Thor, Captain America, and the list just goes on and on. And I know you have all asked this question because I have thought about it many times, and so has everyone I know, ‘What if you had a superpower? What would it be??’ I mean, come on, having a superpower… who wouldn’t want that!?! But maybe you already have one… our zodiac signs say lots about us, do they also have special ‘powers’ of their own?

Imagine finding out what your zodiac power sign was and finding a way to use it to your ability!?! How about taking a closer look into which strengths (powers) each sign possesses, just remember, your signs ‘powers’ are strongest during your zodiac signs month.

Let’s get right into it…

  • Aries = courageous, strong, determined = limitless strength and energy
  • Taurus = patience & endurance = super strength emotionally and physically
  • Gemini = smart, curious, creative = multi-talented mentally
  • Cancer = compassionate & sensitive = protection for loved ones
  • Leo = generous, proud, fighter = protector with use of many weapons
  • Virgo = hardworking, loyal, healing = ability to help with many tasks at once
  • Libra = balanced, cheerful & dark = ability to shift from one situation to another
  • Scorpio = knowing, brave, true friend = can see the truth in ones eyes
  • Sagittarius = idealist & pure = always looking at the best of everyone and everything
  • Capricorn = responsible, disciplined, self-controlled = able to control those around you
  • Aquarius = humanitarian & independent = seeks justice
  • Pisces = artistic & musical = able to create different worlds

And let’s not forget about the Chinese zodiac signs; depending on what year you were born in also give you an additional strength.

  • Snake = Invisibility
  • Horse = Healing
  • Monkey = Transformation
  • Sheep = power of the skies
  • Rooster = Levitation
  • Tiger = able to manipulate yin and yang
  • Rat = bring things to life
  • Ox = Super Strength
  • Pig = Heat Vision
  • Dog = Immortality
  • Rabbit = Speed
  • Dragon = able to bring fire to life, without the need of matches…

But remember, it may take time to fully control and use the abilities of your zodiac sign, but if you want to know more about what your sign means to you why not try a free psychic chat!?!

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