Can You Perform Reflexology On Yourself?


We are not always able to spas for reflexology treatments so why not learn how to preform reflexology on ourselves?? Reflexology is a relaxing therapy that has many benefits including stress and anxiety relief. Granted… preforming reflexology on yourself is not as beneficial and relaxing as having a professional reflexology is do it for you but it is better than not having it done at all!

What you need?

  • Massage cream or oil to help navigate around your foot easier.

How to begin?

  • Remove socks and shoes and sit Indian style on your bed or a yoga mat. Now decide are you preforming an allover reflexology treatment or were you hoping to relieve certain ailments? Are you suffering from pains and discomforts, headaches, insomnia or tension? Remember, you always apply pressure with the thumbs of both hands.

For Tension Relief:

  • To relieve neck tension apply pressure to the “necks” of your 8 little toes, if you are experiencing pain in a certain area of your neck you may feel discomfort in one of your toes that corresponds to that part of your neck.
  • To relieve tension in your chest area apply pressure to the balls of your feet, this area is connected to your lungs, airways, heart, chest and shoulders.

For Insomnia:

  • Apply pressure to your toes as you would if you were having emotional problems, this relieves anxiety, fear and stress.
  • Apply pressure to the balls of your feet to relieve lung issues, maybe your sleeping disorders are connected to breathing difficulties.

For Headaches:

  • To relieve tension and sinus headaches apply pressure to your toes from top to bottom, especially the big toes.
  • To relieve a migraine headache apply pressure to the entire surface of each toe, press your thumb into each toe and repeat at least 10 times for each toe.

For General Discomfort”

  • Press all reflex points on each foot with light to firm pressure for 10 seconds each spot, paying special attention to any spot that feels sore (when you feel discomfort it means the corresponding organ or limb is out of balance).
  • Once you have pressed on all the reflex spots on both feet move back to the painful spots and work on them by gently pressing until they no longer feel sore.

Reflexology is an ancient art of healing that you can learn to do in your own home; it is simply applying pressure to specific points located in your feet, palms and fingers. It is not a foot massage, to some it may feel like one but this is much more beneficial than that!

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