Are You Able To Envision Your Past Lives?


Have you ever wondered, “What was I in my past lives?” maybe you were famous or royal, maybe you were the opposite sex… maybe even an animal?? What if there was a way to… I don’t know… find out!?! Would you want to know?? I believe you can, with a few simple steps I believe we can all tap into what our past lives were, it can be fun and easy to do, so let’s get started!

Steps to Do At Home to Find what’s In Your Past…

1.      Prepare your space: You want to be sure the temperature of the room you are using is not too warm or cool. You must dim all lights and close the curtains, turn off the radio, TV and phones.

2.      Prepare your mind: You must relax your mind; find a calming relaxing space inside yourself to focus on your past. It is important to remember that if you are hungry to eat first, thirsty drink first, anything that is running through your mind at this time will interfere with finding your past.

3.      Prepare your body: You need to find the most comfortable relaxing place in the room chosen, a bed, a sofa, a recliner. Also, be sure you are wearing comfy clothes, if you are in tight restraining clothing it will be hard to fully allow your body to relax.

4.      Prepare yourself: With your eyes closed imagine a white light surrounding you, protecting you from all negative energies, imagine the light climbing up your body, from your feet, to your legs, your knees, to your thighs, then torso, and arms, your neck, then  face and finally your head.

5.      Begin The Journey: Imagine a hallway with a door at the end, try to see every detail in this all and every time you come back to this hall do not change these details. Every detail in this hall is leading you to your past and behind the door is your past. Take your time, remember, stay focused, relaxed, protected.

Remember this takes time, you won’t find what you are looking for the first time you try looking, and it’s a lot like meditation. Every time you relax and take the journey you will become better and better at it and give yourself the possibility to find out more and more about your past. And in the end, if that didn’t work or you didn’t get all the answers you were looking for there are other ways to find out if you really wanted to know. You can always try contacting a hypnotherapist or try an online tarot card reading you never know what the cards can reveal to you…

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