3 Weeks till Valentine’s Day… Does Your Love Life Need A Boost??


Ahh, a day of pure romance is only 3 short weeks away! Do you feel the love in the air? We are officially 3 weeks away from Valentine’s Day, maybe you have someone special, or maybe you are just meeting a strong possible future someone special, and you want to boost your sexual romance. In the end what it all comes down to is you, if you feel strong and happy and confident others can almost smell that confidence coming out of your skin and it attracts them. If you are walking around feeling sorry for yourself and wondering why no one wants to be around you well then no one will, if you look like a sad mess others assume you are. So let’s get started on how to help boost you!

Boosting Relationships:

      • Talk: don’t assume they can read you, they are not in your head, let him or her know how you are doing and wants been going on in your head.
      • Listen: don’t stare into outer space, if someone is talking to you give them your attention, if they are talking to you it’s because they want you to listen.
      • Complement: who doesn’t like a bit of complements her and there, both men and women like it, it’s nice to make someone feel good.
      • Be playful: don’t take things so serious all the time, laugh together, be goofy, it’s ok!
      • Celebrate the little things: Holidays and anniversaries of course, but don’t forget valentines I can bet you that even if she says she “doesn’t like” Valentine’s Day she probably does!
      • Show it: flowers on a bad day or a homemade dinner under candle lit when it’s been a rough week, cuddling with a movie, everyone appreciates these small things.

Boosting Libido:

      • Oysters: these are one of the most commonly known aphrodisiacs, oysters contain large amounts of zinc which corrects deficiencies hindering arousal. Or maybe it’s just the fact that you “know” it’s an aphrodisiac that you start thinking about sex the second you decide to order them…
      • Chocolate: Valentines and chocolate go hand in hand and chocolate has been known to give you an orgasmic feeling while eating the most amazing piece ever so why not be on this list!?! It is also proven that hormones are released in your brain while eating chocolate the same way they do while having sex.
      • Red Wine: Research shows that a glass or 2 of red wine a day increases sexual desire and lubrication in women.

In the end it’s all about being open to changes and growth in any relationship you have, this shows the one your with you care and are willing to make it work, give and take! If you are having trouble with love still then talk to one of our love psychics here at Live Psychics Network!

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