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Well… It’s that time again, one of my favorites and I know one of yours!! The day we get to meet yet another one of our amazing psychics here at Live Psychics Network!! Today we meet, Rita, her online name is, FaceReaderNew, who is a Natural Born Psychic Clairvoyant Medium who specializes in White Magic and has been helping people for 15-20 years, without the use of any tools!

Not only is Rita a psychic by birth and a clairvoyance she is a face reader, this means she can see peoples characteristics, behavioral patterns and personality traits from their faces. This helps her to understand people before she even begins talking with them. At a young age Rita also learned she was an Empath, meaning she can feel what others feel, she also learned the art of Numerology and a rare form of reading called Chimbaliki which helps her divine very accurate answers. None of these abilities were learned through reading books, they were gifts that she was born with, in her own words, “What I have is a gift given to me by god”.

Rita’s Specialties:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Spell breaking
  • Connecting with past loved ones or lost spirits
  • Career, Financial, Business Guidance
  • Healing, Protection, Aura Strengthening

Other Abilities:

  • Stress Release through Meditation
  • Candle and Energy Readings
  • Removing Bad Energies and Healing Energies
  • Tarot Reading
  • Palmistry
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Angel Readings, Communication and Healing

If her abilities aren’t enough to convince you she is here to help you then why not hear some reviews from her clients, “I love her! She is as real as it gets. She is very resourceful and helpful. Very accurate within a short period of time. GO TO HER!” or another one, “I love her! She is dead on and incredible with knowing details that were not given to her. Very sweet gal. 5 Starts. Probably the best Psychic so far!”

Rita, FaceReaderNew, has helped well over 1,700 people worldwide in the last 15 years and now she wants to help you, so what are you waiting for??? Email her today for a free email psychic reading!!

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