Let’s Get To Know One of Our Psychics


Today is one of my favorite days of the month and I know one of yours… the day we get to meet another amazing psychic here at Live Psychics Network. Today we meet Elena Burnett, Elena is a Clairvoyant who has been helping people for over 20 years and in that time she has helped almost 1,000 people.

Not only is Elena a Clairvoyant, she is also a Tarot Reader, Numerologist and even an Author! She is certified as a Relationship and Dating Specialist too which is great as we are just days away from Valentine’s Day if you have questions about your relationships maybe she can help you find then answers.

For the last 14 years Elena has studied the Art of Aikido, and since the age of 14 Elena has studied Esotericism, and for the last 3 years has studied Buddhism. She has a BA in Metaphysical Art, is a Spiritual Counselor, and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Elena is also experienced in Tarot Reading, Angel Reading, Angel Card Reading, Destiny Card Reading, Numerology Reading, Dream Interpretation, and Angel Communication. She can also help you in all areas of your life including Home and Family, Career and Business, Finance and Law, Traveling and Relocation, Mind and Body, Health and Healing and Love and Sex.

Elena uses her tarot cards to see possibilities in your life, she will help you in discovering the truth about yourself and all the relationships that surround you. Her approach leaves you with a deeper knowledge and insight on your ‘true’ self, allowing you to achieve your highest potential.

So there you have it, Elena has been helping men and women with their relationships and dating issues for more than 20 years, so what are you waiting for? With only 2 days till Valentine’s Day, call or email her now! She believes that your future is dependent on the choices you make TODAY! Email Elena today for a free email psychic reading!!!

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