Born with a “Cauling”: Naturally Psychic Kids?

One of the oldest and most mysterious phenomena known to humans is babies who are “born in the caul.” Said to be born with a veil and called “caulbearers,” these are children who are born with a membrane encasing their head, either fully or partly. Some babies are born fully encased in the amniotic sac, often being bestowed with the term caulbearer, but some people make a distinction between the full amniotic sac enclosure (being born “en-caul”) and the mask-like face or head covering, which is a different type of tissue substance from the amnion. These latter babies, they say, are the true caulbearers. Babies born with cauls are very rare, estimated to be approximately only one in 800,000. En-caul babies are also rare, but not as rare as the true caul-born babies.

Tales about caulbearers have a long and deep history across many cultural landscapes.  According to, in some cultures they are thought to be kings by right, and some Buddhist groups seek them out as a sign of a new Dalai Lama.


Therefore, there is an element of future predictions, i.e. the caul functions to some degree as a way to predict the future life of the caulbearer. They are seen as having an unusually strong spiritual connection, resulting in marked psychic gifts such as dowsing, the ability to predict weather patterns and food cycles in nature, and healing.

However magical they are perceived to be, caulbearers have also been feared, and during medieval times were burned at the stake as witches. They were sometimes thought as the bearers of evil and brought to priests for exorcisms. It seems that more often than not, however, they were considered high spiritual teachers that were sent by unseen forces for the betterment of mankind.

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