What Is A Soothsayer And How Do They Compare To Psychics?

What is a Soothsayer?

The word Soothsayer means “teller of truth” it is a person who predicts the future through a spiritual connection. Soothsayers foresee the future through different objects such as cards and casting lots. Soothsayers are known to be religious figures, prophets, oracles, or shaman; they have been around for thousands of years. Soothsayers don’t need to use any objects to see what the future holds but they have the abilities to use them if they choose, like crystal balls or tarot cards. It is believed that Soothsayers are inspired by a higher power, lots of religions and cultures have their own beliefs as to how powerful a Soothsayer is.

What is a Psychic?

A Psychic is a person born with ESP abilities or one who has a strong sixth sense or sense of intuition and has tapped into that and formed strong ESP abilities. Psychics have been around for millions of years in one way or another, predicting future, helping people find love, helping people connect with loved ones no longer here. And even in today’s age they are used to help the Government with certain crime cases.

How Are Soothsayers and Psychics Different?

A Soothsayer and Psychic have a few differences; an easy one to target will be their place in religion. A Soothsayer is a religious being, looked at by people since the ancient times as a God of sorts, a prophet. Psychics are spiritual beings but not looked at as gods just in tune with their senses more.  Another difference is that there are psychic mediums, these are psychics that can also speak to the dead allowing people to connect with loved ones that are no longer living, and Soothsayers cannot.

How are Soothsayers and Psychics Alike?

Soothsayers and Psychic are alike in several ways, they can see things that most of us cannot and there is not real explanation as to why. They are both able to read palms, tarot cards, see into the future, follow astrology  whether by practice or by birth, and that’s not where it ends there is a list of unexplained abilities they both have.

So there you have it, a basic guide to what a Soothsayer is and how they compare to a Psychic, but if you ask me I would have to say they are more alike than different. For a little more insight why not speak to an online psychic and see what they say…

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