What Does Your Palm Tell You?

The hand tells so many things about your life, head, and love, here are a few examples of what your lines may suggest about you.

So, the life line is the big one, everyone wants to know what their individual life line means, and though I can give you an idea of what character person it says you are this will not be a personal answer. Your life line reveals the strength of your vitality and how long you are expected to live, this is the line that usually begins from the edge of the palm between the index finger and thumb and extends across the middle of the palm and wraps around the base of the thumb.

Life Line:

  • Long and defined line indicates physical strength predicting a long and meaningful life.
  • Straight line (long or short) indicates you are highly respected.
  • Curvy line suggests success comes only with hard work.
  • Zigzag line indicates lots of obstacles that block personal success.

The head line, the second most important line on your hand, this line begins just above the life line on the side of your palm between the thumb and the index finger and goes across the palm. This line shows us your beliefs, philosophy, and approach to life.

Head Line:

  • Head and life lines are joined at the beginning this means that your strong sense of mind rules over your body.
  • Floats on its own this shows a love for adventure.
  • Long straight line indicates a direct way of thinking.
    • The straighter the more realistic you think.
    • The deeper the better your memory.
  • Wavy line means you have a short attention span.

Your heart line is the one we are all looking at for love; it starts on the outside edge of your hand under the pinkie finger and runs toward the index finger. The average heart line ends somewhere between the index and middle fingers. The heart line reveals the capacity to feel and love an tells us how we relate to others.

Heart Line:

  • Straight line means you may not find romance as easy.
  • Curvy line indicates more emotional depth.
  • Ends under the ring finger you keep your distance.
  • Ends under the middle finger you are unsentimental.
  • Ends under the index finger you are romantic.

So, there you go a basic guide to what your life, head, and heart lines say about you. But there is so much more about health, career, love, family, travels and sooo much more, if you wanted to know more about what your palm says about you in detail then you should try a free palm reading online.


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