What does 2013 hold for the Pisces??

Next week we have another zodiac sign change, we go from Aquarius to Pisces. So, what does 2013 hold for our Pisces friends out there?

The Pisces, from February 19th-March 20th, are loving, sensitive, intuitive and spiritual people. But we know that we all have strengths and weaknesses and as loving and sensitive as a Pisces is that can also come at a cost as Pisces have a tendency to become over-sensitive. They also at certain times tend to have an inability to separate reality from fiction, and I have to say, my dad is a Pisces and there have been a few times in my childhood where what he said and believed fits in this description perfectly! Now, onto what the year holds…


This year looks like the Pisces will be in good health, but don’t take it for granted, it is up to you to keep yourself in good health, be cautious of controlling your stress levels as this could cause unexpected health problems in the New Year. Take your life in moderation, don’t over work, don’t over party, don’t over relax, enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Eat the right foods; work your average 40 hrs. a week, vacation and go out with your friends or spouse, living your life in a healthy moderation will help you continue good health through 2013.


2013 is a good year for finances says the Snake but just like most signs the Pisces needs to be able to balance their incoming and outgoing income. This is a year to learn from old financial mistakes, avoid extravagance this is a year to prepare for the future and save, live a modest financial life this year.


Pisces are born under the sign of compassion so I think it is easy to say for 2013 you can let love shine! For the Pisces you don’t just love being in love with your partner but your romance goes beyond that, you are one to easily fall in love with your friends, animals, plants any living object. You have the ability to love whole heartedly for anyone or anything that is in need of love but this is not always a good thing, this has caused you to be hurt before. In 2013 the Pisces is about making changes in love, using his or her mind and body not just heart, you are looking for someone more grounded, not someone who is just there to take advantage of your untamed love.

So in a nutshell, 2013 shows growth and empowerment for the Pisces, good health and good fortune for the future, for more information or a deeper reading try a free psychic chat!


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