What Does 2013 Hold For The Cancer??


Tomorrow we have another zodiac sign change: we go from Gemini to Cancer on June 22nd – July 22nd. Cancers are loyal, caring and dependable people, but we know that we all have strengths and weaknesses and as loyal as Cancers can be they can also be moody and oversensitive. But this summer they have a lot to look forward to, not only is this going to be a great year for them but this summer is going to be extraordinary!

So…What else does 2013 hold for all our Cancer friends out there??


The year 2013 is looking up in health for the Cancer but you will need to refrain from over amounts of alcohol and smoking, if you are a smoker this is the year to quit! If you already are suffering from an illness of some sort it is important to take care of yourself and during the next 2 months you will need to be extra cautious about your health. Yoga and meditation are great exercises for the mind, body, and soul for Cancers as well as increasing your intake of fruits and green veggies!


This year you will break free from bosses and being told what to do if you plan to start your own business this may just be the year for you. And if you stay in the job you are in you can expect to receive a promotion and have more of the people you work with really look up to you and the work you do. You can become in charge and in control of your own life, career and finances in the year 2013, it’s your turn to run your life inside and out!


2013 brings lots of passion to the Cancer people out there, which is wonderful as the last 2 years have not been ideal in this area for you guys. This is an amazing year for an amazing love, but it’s up to you to make it last, you have to give love a real chance and risk the chance of getting hurt but in the end it will all be worth it. This year you must give up all the old romantic baggage’s you have been carting around with you to fully absorb all the love that is coming your way.

So, there you have it, 2013 shows that not only is this year going to be full of love and happiness but it is going to be especially amazing during the 2nd half of the year which is where we are now and that will keep flowing all the way into 2014! Cancers try to stay nice and healthy like you are and if you need a boost in the health area of your life then this is your year to make those changes! For more information about what 2013 holds for you try a free psychic reading online today!


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