What Does 2013 Hold For The Aquarius?

We are just 2 days away from having a new zodiac sign change, the first actual sign change for the New Year, the Aquarius, January 20th –February 18th. What do we know about the Aquarius?? Well… they are witty, kind, inventive, and friendly humanitarians, and well, we are human and have weaknesses and some of the Aquarius weaknesses are that they are stubborn, rebellious, and a bit sarcastic at times, but who isn’t right!?! So… What does 2013 hold for this inventive and stubborn Aquarius?? Let’s find out!!


2013 holds good health for the most part for the Aquarius, but keeping the stress under control is important for you; why not try meditation. This is a good year for you to get involved in some form of a sport or activity and a year to avoid unnecessary foods as that could be a down fall for your health. Important body parts to focus on, your back and chest, keeping good posture will help keep you happy and healthy this year, try yoga it is known to help with posture and so much more. If you are already suffering from any chronic diseases you will have to watch these throughout the year but you should stay in fairly good health otherwise.


As far as finances go, remember this is the year of the snake and it is said it is a year to save money, so you will want to be careful to save more than you spend. And you will be tempted to invest, just do not go ahead with this without the advisement of a professional!


Now, onto love…  ahhh, love is in the air for the Aquarius this year, if you are already married this will be a wonderful year for reconnecting and rediscovering why you fell in love in the beginning. And if you are looking for love well… let’s just say with the position of Venus this year you can expect good luck in this area of your life!!

So, in a nutshell, 2013 looks to be a good year for all you Aquarius born babies out there!! A year of peacefulness, growth, creativity and joy are in full bloom for you! If you like the sound of all this and want a little more info for what’s to come why not try a free psychic chat!?!


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