What Do Some Of The Most Common Dreams Mean?


I first started really wanting to know what dreams meant when my husband woke up angry with me a few months ago. Turns out in his dream I was cheating on him, so naturally I rolled back over, laughed a bit, (not to make fun but I thought ‘how silly is that, I don’t even look at other guys’) and tried to go back to sleep. Oh boy was that the wrong thing to do, I didn’t go back to sleep instead I got interrogated, for him it was like it really happened For the entire day either he watched my every move, asked tons of questions, or ignored me all together, it was nuts! So I asked myself, ‘Is this a common dream?’ and if it is, “What do some of the most common dreams mean?”  That’s when I stared to do a bit of research…

Turns out my husband’s dreams about me cheating are not uncommon…

The 4 Most Common Dreams:

  • Cheating: Having dreams about your spouse cheating does not mean that they are cheating, sometimes these dreams are because you are jealous about something going on in their life. It can also mean that your spouse is cheating you from time in their life, maybe your spouse just got a new job and has been very busy and you feel cheated from quality time. Unless you believed before you said good night that your spouse was cheating on you then having these dreams says more on your part than theirs, don’t punish them for what is happening inside your head while you are asleep.
  • Falling: Dreams of falling are one of the most common dreams but why? Usually we dream of falling because we feel out of control or things are not going as planned in your life.  The dream of falling is very common in people suffering from depression, falling can be a red flag saying something is not right in your life. If you regularly have had dreams of falling maybe it’s time to take a close look at your life.
  • Teeth: Losing your teeth in a dream is also a very common dream; this shows a lack in confidence and a possible fear of getting old and becoming unattractive. But this could also mean that you have become quite the gossip lately and this is not a good thing. Maybe these dreams are telling you that hurtful ugly comments have been falling out of your mouth just like those teeth, and those comments belong inside your mouth as do those teeth!
  • Chased: Another very common dream, I think this one makes us most scared while you are in them, the thought of being chased just brings my arm hairs straight up! What you need to first find out is who is chasing you and what role do they have in your life, what is making you feel threatened by them in your sleep? Face this fear and face the person in real life, maybe you have been ignoring someone and they are chasing you in your sleep because they feel neglected.

So there you have it, 4 of the most common dreams out there and their meanings, but remember there are still so many more dreams with meanings out there. Maybe you have never had any of these but you have a recurring dream that is worrying you, I think it is time for you to find out what that means! A dream interpreter can answer all the questions you have!

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