We Are 2 Days From 1st Day Of Summer, Are You Ready For The Heat??

summer heat

It is hard to imagine that with the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer that people may not be able to enjoy the quick coming heat but it’s true, not everyone can enjoy the sunny days of summer. Just like there is winter blues there is something called sunshine blues, this is very rare but it happens, there are people out there that are not ready emotionally for the summer sun, but hopefully we can help you with a few daily steps to help you get ready to enjoy the Summer months beginning in just 2 days.

What are some of the most enjoyed summer events that could actually have an opposite effect on some people? Well… there are graduations, family reunions, and weddings just to name a few, these are events that make most people happy, but what about those who feel completely alone while these occasions are going on?? A brother’s college graduation and you didn’t get into college, a cousins wedding while you have been dating the same guy for years or don’t have someone to love at all, a friends family reunion but you have lost a lot of your family. If you feel alone while these summer events are happening then it is easy for you to feel all alone and this is when the sunshine blues happen.

So… what to do about it? How can you help yourself really prepare for the summer months?? What if you are not sure if you have the blues?? What are some of the signs of the sunshine blues?? Well, let’s get some of these answered…

What are some signs?

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Depression
  • No interest in your regular activities

What can be done?

  • Limit yourself to the heat
  • Exercise regularly
  • Try to sleep 7hrs a night and no daytime naps
  • Meditate

Most of all realize you are not alone, even though winter blues is more common than summer blues it is real, weather it is because you don’t’ feel as accomplished as those around you or because your body doesn’t handle summer as well as other seasons it is real. Sometimes forming a spiritual connection to yourself through mediation or religion or any other form that works for yourself and your family can help. If you can’t find what works for you to help remove the blues you can always contact a doctor as this is a real condition.


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