Spiritual Guide Readings

Psychic readings can manifest in many forms from simple palm readings to channeled readings. Spirit guide readings connect you with higher unseen entities that you may or may not be aware of, and typically comes through clairvoyant readings.

Spirit guides are disembodied entities that can be with you through your entire lifetime or entities that are only with you for a given time to help you through specific experiences. They work behind the scenes of your conscious awareness, that is until you become aware of them. They manifest in your perception in forms that are digestible to you. For example, if you are a Christian they may be angels or even Jesus. If you are an adherent to some other religion they may come through as deities associated with that particular paradigm. Their role is to help you evolve as a spiritual being. Some people believe that we make contracts before we come into a physical life, and that our guides are there to help us fulfill those agreements.

Our guides help us by providing signs that they are there. They speak to us through our intuition (this is often what clairvoyance or clairaudience is, tuning into internal voices like a radio station). They may guide us into synchronistic meetings with other people or experiences that we otherwise would think of as “coincidence.” A common one is when we are in a bookstore or library and a book falls off the shelf and it turns out to be a book that changes our life.

But our minds can be so closed to those signs that we can’t recognize them. That’s when a spirit guide reading is really helpful. A psychic who can connect to your spirit guides can give you something tangible to tune into. It could be a name or an image which serves to provide an energetic link for you and facilitate more direct communication with them. Once you have that connection opened up the communication becomes much easier for you to develop for the rest of your life.


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