How to Feng Shui Your Life?

Well, I guess we start with what is Feng Shui?? This is one of those things that can seem difficult to find the words for, one of those things you know how to use the term and how to follow it, give or take, but the definition can be difficult to answer. Feng Shui is an ancient art of balancing the energies of heaven and earth to improve your life.

Feng means wind and Shui means water, and in the Chinese culture wind and water are associated with health, good Feng Shui = good luck, bad Feng Shui = bad luck. So what benefits can you expect from adding Feng Shui to your life? You will improve your health and sense of wellbeing; it brings beauty into your life and creates a strong happy energy in the home and everyone you touch.

To add Feng Shui to your life you must add it to every aspect of your daily life, your home, your health, and your relationships. And it is important to not leave out your kitchen and bathroom, these two rooms are very important in your life and you may not even realize it. If you find that you hate entering either of these rooms then begin the work here, the kitchen is where you nourish your body and the bathroom is where your cleanse your body.

A few musts for a health Feng Shui life, quality air, open windows, use air purifiers, it is very important to breathe quality air for smooth flowing energy. Light, let the light into your life, natural light is always the best, get at least 10 minutes of natural sunlight a day and try and allow as much natural light into your office and home as possible. Remove the clutter, clutter brings in negative energy, a clean clutter free home and life will give you uplifting energy for every aspect of your being.

If you have never tried the art of Feng Shui now is the time to do so, with a New Year comes a new you, a happy refreshed you. Tiny tips to remember steer clear of corners and don’t block windows or openings as that blocks the natural flow of energy. Take care of yourself, drink plenty of water, fruits and vegetables, everything in moderation, you are what you eat. If you wake every day in your perfectly Feng Shui organized home and leave eating nothing but fatty greasy foods you will end your day with low bad energy and poor blood flow. Keep the inside of your body healthy as well as the outside.

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