How Reading Tarot Cards Work


I know lots of people out there really want to understand more about Tarot Card Reading so let’s start with eliminating the myths… The readers are not old women with long robes in a candlelit room touching their temples every 20 seconds. You’re not going to see them gasping for breaths as they look up into the air to their right while looking curiously as they are shocked to see something. In fact most readings aren’t about finding out your future but about looking into yourself depending on where the cards are lied out.

First, there are 2 types of readings: question readings and open readings. In question readings you are asking a specific question, the cards are not meant to give a simple yes or no answer or to make life decisions but to guide you into making the best decision for yourself. In open readings are guides to your entire life not one area, these are useful when you are entering a new phase in your life, marriage, new job, etc.

Question Readings

  • Keep the question focused but not overly detailed; ask how you can to better balance your children’s schedules rather than asking how to make your entire life flow easier. You can’t expect to leave the reading knowing that if you start dinner at this time and homework then bath and bed… The reading can’t give you the answers to your everyday responsibilities but they can help you realize what is important and when to give it a rest.
  • Go into the question not knowing what you want the outcome to be; if you go into the reading already knowing what you want to be said then you already have closed the door to all possible options. You just want someone to agree with you and figure out how to do so, for this you’re best option is to call a friend. If you want real guidance on the situation then go with an open mind and let the reading guide you into what is best for the overall picture.
  • Ask the positive questions not the negative ones, maybe you had a reading long ago and you were told another child would come to join your family and it still hasn’t happened yet. Don’t go into the reading with ‘why haven’t I gotten pregnant yet?’ but maybe ‘what can I do to help the chances of my life to still follow this path?’

Open Readings

  • Don’t close doors to what the cards want to tell you.
  • Keep in mind this reading is not meant to answer questions but to guide your new possibilities in life.
  • If you ask a question remember to keep it to a large area of life not a small specific one, for example you can let the reader you want to know more about your possible career or heath, but with an open reading you can’t get more specific than that.

Why not try an online tarot reading now that you know the 2 types of readings? Just curious, which reading will you get??


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