Famous People Who Seek Psychic Advice

Who doesn’t like going to see a psychic right!?! I always did it, my cousins do it, and even my husband has gone a few times. But the list of psychic lovers doesn’t stop with me, and my friends and family and their friends and family and so on, lots of everyday and not so everyday people love to seek the advice of psychics. Let’s take a peek at some celebrities who enjoy seeing psychics from time to time… they don’t need advice or guidance to help with financial issues but they see them for many other reasons, love, children, to stay in the career or leave, and reconnect with loved ones who have passed away.

Oceans Eleven’s George Clooney and Brad Pitt and Brad’s (wife??) Angelina Jolie are all avid psychic goers. George Clooney was reported visiting a psychic medium to channel his deceased beloved pet pig of 18 years, Max. It was reported that the two would even sleep together; hopefully he had a big bed because I wouldn’t imagine it would be easy sleeping on a full size with a 300lb pig!! As for Brad Pitt no one is really sure what he is seeing psychics for but he does, and since there isn’t even any gossip about what goes on in those meetings, I think it’s safe to say he is a great secret keeper!! And Angelina Jolie, the mom of 6 children with Brad, 3 biological and 3 adopted, obviously loves being a mother and unfortunately doesn’t have hers around anymore so she does the next best thing. Angelina has been to psychic mediums to help her connect with her own mother, maybe for personal reasons, maybe for parenting advice, or maybe for something more serious. Either way it just shows, she is a mom and famous actress who for whatever reasons enjoys seeing psychics just like all of us.

There is a pretty big list of actresses who have been known to see either psychics or psychic mediums, some are Denise Richards to talk to her mom, Tori Spelling to talk to her dad and Chelsea Handler speaks to brother and mother and looks for hints into her future. Sarah Jessica Parker used a psychic as a therapist for marital issues, and Cameron Diaz goes for love advice. So it’s your turn now, get a free psychic chat now.

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