Does Alcohol Affect Psychic Abilities?


Yes! The fact is that alcohol affects all of us in one way or another, you wouldn’t drive under the influence, you wouldn’t want a doctor to operate on you under the influence, and you would not want to see a psychic under the influence. It is also important for psychics to have a diet with as much organic and chemical free products as possible. Also, reducing processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugars as these all have a strong impact on your psychic abilities.

For psychics drinking close to when you will be telling fortunes or speaking to clients can allow you to become vulnerable to negative or bad spirits. Psychics are naturally more sensitive all things around them, food, drink and emotions, and having a little more than a few drinks before you work with others may leave the doors open for bad spirits to enter your space.

The 3 worst things that can block a psychic’s abilities and spiritual connections are:

  1. Alcohol: It takes from 24-48 hours to fully get alcohol out of your system and for your brain to get back to normal, it will be hard to read tarots or predict futures when you have had alcohol the night before.
  2. Caffeine: Caffeine can cause nervousness which is not good for someone wanting to access a higher level of consciousness.
  3. Marijuana: Marijuana has serious energetic consequences and for someone needing to connect to energies daily this may decrease your senses or overly increase.

So what is the best diet for a psychic? What will help to increase the flow of your psychic abilities, and improve your connection to the spirit world? Reducing the red meat is the fastest way to improvement, a diet low in red meat is ideal as meat seems to dull your senses and lower your feelings, and if you are willing to go farther than that then try eliminating all dairy and meat and try a vegan diet. A vegan diet will help to improve your connections quickly and help toss you back into the realm of psychic sensitivity. But if you’re having no difficulties connection to the spiritual world then you may not need to change your diet at all. Do what is best for you, and if you have more questions about how to better connect try asking around in one of our psychic chat rooms.

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