Can A Psychic Help Keep Your Christmas Shopping Anxiety To A Minimum?


The crazy, intense, stressful shopping season is hitting its peak as there is just over a week till Christmas now. Some people are not affected by this, some plan and make sure that by December 1st all there shopping is done, but a lot of us out there are not so lucky. So how can we keep our stress down and limit the shopping anxiety to a minimum? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately, especially for other family members well… I wondered, what if a psychic could help keep shopping anxiety down to a minimum…

Let’s first talk about the ways we can all control our shopping anxiety…

  • Be Realistic: The holiday season is about being together not about being perfect, so what if you haven’t baked all the cookies you hoped for or you forgot to buy the new tablecloth set. This year we broke most our ornaments and could not afford new ones so we made a homemade tree and everyone loves it. We strung popcorn and cranberries, hung dried oranges and star fruit, red and silver glass bulbs are not as important as I once thought they were.
  • Plan Ahead: This is not as easy for some, and it is obviously too late now but keep it in mind for next year. Try and set plans and money and ideas aside for December, I have 5 children (which means 5 birthdays a year, luckily all in different months) so I say to myself that 5 month are already spent, plus 2 for myself and husband that leaves 5 more. Perfect! I take 1 of each of those months and buy each of my children 1 or 2 gifts that way by the time December comes around I am pretty much all set.
  • Say NO: I want, I want, I want, well, what I really want is to have a happy stress free Christmas, one we can enjoy together. It is ok to say no, maybe you are saying not to days out, or extra gifts, or extra Christmas parties, no matter what it is if you feel you will leave the experience exhausted it is not worth it.

Now, do I believe a psychic can help keep the anxiety down during this time? Well, let’s see, people see therapists, or it’s good to have a friend to talk to, sometimes you need a guide to help you see what’s coming up…

  • Psychic Therapy… perfect way to help talk things out with a professional.
  • Having someone to talk to… even just to have someone to talk to and listen to.
  • Having a guide… a psychic can help to guide you in the most calming directions.
  • A clairvoyant who can see the future and help you to avoid problematic areas and times… imagine someone helping to inform you where is and is not the best place to go and when…

Let’s end it with this, the holidays are about spending time with those you love, if you care so much for someone and they care for you then why would you want each other to be full of stress?? I have a big family and we cannot buy each other gifts, instead we spend time together, cookie swaps and potlucks, ornament making with the kids. And we watch Christmas movies with hot cocoa and homemade cookies the kids decorated. If you ask me, this is what’s really important, not rushing around store to store.


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