About Channeled Readings

Channeling is one of the most fascinating elements of psychic phenomenon. People who channel are able to set aside their ordinary conscious awareness and tune into the consciousness of other entities. Those entities then are able to use the body of the channel to communicate through. One of the primary characteristics of a channel is that the conscious awareness is so deeply submerged that when they come out of their trance they have no memory of what transpired. People who are channels are sometimes referred to erroneously as psychic mediums (although the terminology is debatable). Examples of people who are considered famous mediums are Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts who channeled Seth of the famed Seth books.  They are more appropriately called channels because of the fact that they went into a trance state in order to allow other information through.

What makes channeling so amazing is that information can come through that a channel doesn’t otherwise have access to. Edgar Cayce is the best example. With only a ninth-grade education, he gave over 14,000 documented readings throughout his life. A large percentage of these was medical advice that patients later verified worked. Roberts channeled information so complex that while much of it was not verifiable, it was nonetheless groundbreaking for its extremely esoteric nature as well as the sheer volume of it. The same is true for the Urantia Book, a massive volume published in 1955 dealing with the origins of the earth, its relationship to the universe, the nature of humankind and religion.

The power of a channeled reading is that it puts people in touch with realms of reality beyond the physical, life’s greatest mystery. The information often confirms that human life on planet Earth is about far more than what we experience as organized religions or nations. It also can put us in touch with hidden histories or other realities, such as the lost civilization of Atlantis (something Edgar Cayce channeled a lot about) or information from extraterrestrial entities.


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