What Is Oktoberfest And Is There A Festival Near You??

Good Morning!! So I was looking through some fun fall fairs and festivals (I love seeing all the different stations, eating the food, talking to the psychics, even going on the rides!!) and noticed all the Oktoberfest Festivals going on and thought why not go off topic just a bit today and find out what this day is all about…

Oktoberfest this year officially began last weekend on Saturday, September 21st and will run through next Sunday, October 6th. So if any of you out there were hoping to get involved you still have 2 weekends and a full week, just check out if there are any Oktoberfest Festivals in your area!

Oktoberfest is the worlds largest fair held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, it is a 16 day festival that typically begins in late September and goes through the first weekend in October. To the locals it isn’t called Oktoberfest though.. they call it “die Wiesn” (short for Theresienwiese) after the name of the fairgrounds themselves. Oktoberfest has been help in Munich since 1810 and since many cities across the world hold their own Oktoberfest Festivals modeled after the original event in Munich.

This event began when Crown Prince Ludwig, who became King Ludwig I, was married to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 17, 1810. Everyone attended the 16 day festivities held on the fields of Theresienwiese (Theresa’s Medow) in honor of the Crown Princess. Later the festival was moved up in date to begin in September to allow for better weather conditions and now the last day of the festival is always held on the first Sunday in October.

Due to the large amount of German-Americans in the United States there are hundreds of large and small Oktoberfest Festivals held throughout the country. The largest is held in Cincinnati, Ohio and due to the large German population in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Dutch population there are many Oktoberfest Festivals during all of September and October in Pennsylvania. There are many more and few other cities and states that celebrate Oktoberfest are listed below and that’s only a few, there are many more!

Cities & States Of Just A Few:

        • Newark, Delaware
        • Phoenix, Arizona
        • Cullman, Alabama
        • Addison, Boerne, Fredericksburge, Galveston, Muenster, New Braunfels, Shiner, and Slaton, Texas
        • Denver, Colorado

Well folks there you have it, a bit of German Festival Fun for all to end our September posts! If you were hoping to find a festival near you but your city and state are not listed above then why not start up a chat in our free psychic chat room and see if anyone isle is interested in looking for a festival to attend…

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