How About Some Fun Valentine’s Day Facts…

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1st off, Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!! I thought it may be fun to list some fun facts about our romantic day today. Valentine’s Day is February 14th and dates back to the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius II, 270 A.D. During wartime Claudius did not want men to marry because he believed that single men made better soldiers, Bishop Valentine did not agree. He went behind Claudius’s back and preformed ‘Secret Wedding Ceremonies’, Valentine was sent to jail for this and executed by the Emperor on February 14th. While in jail he wrote a love letter to the daughter of the jailor signing it, “From you Valentine” giving us Valentine’s Day on every February 14th!



  • Approximately 145 Million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every year coming in 2nd only to Christmas cards of course.
  • 85% of cards are purchased by women
  • More than 50% of those cards are purchased in the 6 days leading up to Valentine’s Day
  • Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by kids, mothers, wives, dads, husbands, and finally pets



  • 73% of people who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are men
  • 27% of people who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are women
  • 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentin’s Day
  • 189 million stems of roses are sold in the U.S. on Valentin’s Day
  • Red roses are considered the flower of love because the color red stands for love
  • The red rose was Venus’s favorite flower, the Roman Goddess of love



  • The “Chocolate Box” has been around for more than 140 years
  • The 1st Valentine’s Day box of Chocolates was introduced by Richard Cadbury in 1868
  • Approx. 8 billion conversation hearts are produced each year, enough to stretch from Rome, Italy to Valentine, Arizona 20 times and back again
  • 58 million pounds of chocolate will be purchased the week before Valentine’s Day
  • More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are purchased every year for Valentine’s Day

Well there you have it everyone, a few fun Valentine’s Day facts for you, I hope you all have someone you love to spend today with, maybe a spouse or significant other, maybe a few best friends, maybe a parent or child. In the end, it’s all about love, who’s to say you have to spend it with a romantic partner?? I love making special Valentine’s for each of my children and I hope they grow up remembering and doing the same for theirs! Happy Valentine’s To All!!!

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