What Will Spring Bring?


We are officially 2 days into spring; the first day was Wednesday, March 20th, so… what do we have to look forward to?? Spring is such a beautiful time of year with blue skies and flowers blooming, birds chirping and bees buzzing, this is a time of year to let loose and smell the crisp air. We already pushed our clocks forward an hour making it lighter when we wake and keeping it lighter when we sleep, longer sunlit days, makes me think about iced tea on the porch!!

What else begins in the spring…March Madness for college basketball fans, Spring Training for Major League Baseball fans, Easter for those who are religious, and spring cleaning for almost all of us. And lets not leave out doing a psychic spring cleaning, a psychic spring cleaning is a cleaning of your personal life and things close to you, this is not the same as the seasonal cleaning of walls and floorboards.

Spring cleaning and psychic spring cleaning are really two in the same, they both leave you and your home feeling fresh, calm and motivated for the warmer seasons. In your home, your body, and in your mind we all tend to carry around extra baggage we no longer need, this is a time to clear them away and start with a clean slate.

We all choose the spring cleanings that suit us, some prefer to clear out the ‘friends’ that only make our lives more stressful, some like to clean all floors, ceilings, and walls. Some prepare there outdoor areas for the warmer seasons, but my personal favorite spring cleaning tradition is clearing the closets!! I hate cleaning, I do it obviously, there is no way to get around that of course, but my personal spring tradition is going closet by closet. Sorting through movies, books, games, shoes and games, what to keep, what to donate and what to give to my nieces and nephews, this is the most fun part of spring home cleaning for me.

And a personal tip… clearing out the closets on a Sunday afternoon with a few mimosas never hurt anyone…

And what are some fun things you can do in the spring that you had to put on hold during those cold winter months??

  • Plant flowers, fruits, and vegetables
  • Go for walks on the beach
  • Pull your helmet and bike out and go for a ride
  • Plan a softball or baseball game
  • Go fishing or hiking

What else can you see yourself doing this spring? After you have cleaned you home and mind, possibly planted your spring garden, what comes next? If you feel you need a little extra guidance as to which way your spring path may lead why not try a free psychic chat, it may be just what the doctor ordered.

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