Reflexology for the Soul

What is reflexology? Reflexology is an ancient holistic healing technique to bring your body into a state of health and balance. Reflexology uses the combined ability of art and science saying that the reflexes in our feet are connected to the glands, organs and parts of our body. Stimulating the feet with the fingers and thumb in various firm motions will help recharge and heal the body.

For a basic guideline of what parts of your body connect to your feet it goes like this:

  • The head and neck are connected to all of your toes
  • The spine runs from toe to heel on the inside of the feet
  • The chest area is at the ball of your feet
  • The waist is where your foot is the thinnest in width
  • The pelvic area is at the heel of the feet

Why is reflexology good for your body? Reflexology can help to cure and prevent many health problems without the use of drugs making it a safe and natural way to treat your body. Reflexology can relax your muscles, increase circulation, reduce mental, physical and emotional tension, relieve pain and stress, detoxify the body and reconnects the mind, body, and soul. It is commonly used to relieve headaches, anxiety, and digestive problems improving circulation and restoring the body’s natural balance.

When your reflexes areas are stimulated your body relaxes and loosens up allowing for a more flexible body with less stress vs. a tight clenched stiffened body which is usually caused by an overload of daily stress. When you are lying back receiving the reflexology treatments it gives your mind and soul a chance to release and reconnect, you are no longer thinking about papers due and bills to pay. This is a time to care for you and the importance your health means to yourself and everyone you care about. Give your mind a chance to distress and unwind!

Not only does it have many benefits for you but you are also relieving the pain that lies in your feet as they are what hold up your body all day. After your session you may notice your feet feeling lighter and more flexible, more rejuvenated. Continuing regular reflexology treatments are great for your mind, body and soul giving you a clear mind and flexible body, not so tightened by overwhelming stresses and anxieties. Some even begin to feel more intuitive after regular visits as they have more of a spiritual connection with their own bodies.


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