Meditation and Psychic Development

Most people who are believers in the supernatural and/or psychic phenomenon tend to be very open-minded people, and people who are spiritual seekers. They are people who either grew up within a particular religious framework which at some point they found ungratifying, or they are seeking to expand their religious or spiritual background. Psychics and other esoterics often say that everyone is psychic to one degree or another, that it is a skill that can be developed with proper training, and that doing so is part of a personal spiritual journey of discovery.

When you embark on a process of psychic development there are many ways you can do this and tools that you can use, but without a doubt meditation is one of the most important ones. There are lots of definitions and many different types of meditation but what they all have in common is the principle of quieting the mind in order to access a deeper state of awareness. Our normal conscious awareness masks or interferes with our ability to perceive other realities, causing us to believe that what we think is “real” is only that which we can see, touch, hear, smell or taste.

Some people are born with an innate ability to perceive realities beyond the five physical senses and those are the people we call “psychics” or “gifted.” The rest of us must work to develop those skills. Advanced psychic skills enable us to understand life in a deeper way. They equip us with tools to understand ourselves better through things like dream interpretation or being able to access our spiritual guides or other disembodied beings. Perhaps even more important is that they enable us to understand our fellow human beings better, making for better relationships and potentially greater peace of mind.

Without the ability to quiet the chatter of the undisciplined mind through meditative practice, which can also be thought of as breaking through the filters of your normal conscious awareness, you can’t “hear” information coming to you from other realms. The only difference between a gifted psychic and everybody else is that their filters are naturally thinner. Meditation is the process of thinning your filters.


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