How Does The Energy Of Those Around You Affect You?

From personal experience I can say “Yes!!” take me and my husband, if he walks in the door after a long day on his feet and he looks and feels grumpy and tired, it sets the mood of the house for the night, not a fun one. But if he walks in smiles and glowing then I know we will have a good night, even after he had to stand working for 11 hrs. So you see, the mood and energy of those around you can and will affect how you feel.

It’s unfortunately how it goes

  • If you are unhappy you want others unhappy
  • If you feel you have lost control over certain aspects of your life you want others to feel the same
  • If you made bad decisions you want people around you to make them too

But just the same that can go both ways

  • You are happy and in love and you want everyone you love to also be happy and in love
  • You are thankfully healthy and you want everyone you care about to be as well
  • You are fortunate enough to have a wonderful job and you want your loved ones to be as lucky

When someone releases negative energy onto you in hopes to inflict harm to you or your family, whether intentional or not, it is called a psychic attack. This is usually started in the form of jealousy or envy, jealousy and envy are dirty nasty feelings that can never bring good, these negative energies are projected through to you either in emotional, physical, spiritual or mental states.

But why might they do this?

  • They are envious or jealous
    • Of your looks
    • Of your career
    • Of your family
  • Your life is moving forward and theirs is not

So how do you know if someone is sending you these negative energies?

  • Nightmares and horrible dream meanings
  • Feeling lethargic all the time
  • Feeling ill or weak but you are not sick
  • Lack of concentration
  • Depressed yet you know there is no reason to be

Lots of cultures have their own beliefs to ward off these energies, for one I know personal is ‘The Evil Eye’. Just keep in mind, someone trying to attack you like this shows bad on their character and not yours. Now if they are not sending these energies consciously then it may be something they just have to work on, maybe they are having a difficult time right now and they don’t know how else to control their emotions. But, if you are sending these energies intentionally, just remember ‘The Universal Law of Karma’ “What goes around comes back around to you multiplied”.

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