Could You Have The Spring Blues?

spring blues

I know it seems crazy right!?! With the warmer weather, more sunlight, birds are chirping and flowers blooming how anyone could have the spring blues!?! But the fact is they do and for many reasons, maybe you are done with your taxes and you realize you owe money this year and just don’t have it, maybe your New Year’s resolution to lose weight hasn’t worked yet and you have just given up. Maybe all your friends are in love and planning their spring weddings and you don’t even have a boyfriend. Or even worse, take my family this spring/summer I have 5 weddings in 3 months, and all of them only knew their fiancés for a matter of months but then I have 1 cousin who has been with the same guy for 7 years and he still hasn’t popped the question, I can tell you, she is feeling all sorts of blue right now…

So what do we do about it? How do we knock the spring blues out?

  • Get rest
  • It is easy to think with longer days that you may not need as much sleep but that is just not true, not getting enough sleep can cause you to become drained and grumpy. You are probably running around more because of the beautiful weather, it is important to get the rest needed to rejuvenate your body and refuel your energy.
  • Slow down
  • Stop to smell the roses, literally, life doesn’t always have to be go-go-go! Take a break this is one of the most beautiful times of the year so enjoy it, watch the clouds go by, listen to the birds, smell the flowers.
  • Be grateful
  • Be truly grateful for everything and everyone in your life, it is not until it is taken away that you realize how lucky you are. One of my cousins takes the time from her very busy day every day to just be grateful for what she has. A few years ago she had a surgery that didn’t go so well and then had to have another, it kept her bed ridden and completely unable to walk for 3 years, every day she thanks God she is able to walk. Being grateful for the things you probably take advantage of can lift your sprits more than you would imagine.

If you practice these steps then hopefully you can enjoy the rest of the spring before the summer hits.

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