Can Laughing Help You To Live Longer?


There are many things that can help you to live longer, it is proven that happily married people live longer just as having quality friends in your life help you to live longer. Drinking wine in moderation increases your life span just as putting on a little bit of weight (surprising I know) increases your lifespan. And let’s not forget having sex… These are all just a few examples of things that can help you to live longer, but what about laughing… Can laughing help you to live a longer life???

Well, there has been research done on this topic and we will list a few of the most important proven facts of how laughing can help you live a longer happier life style. But first, an interesting little fact, did you know that the average adult laughs about 17 times in a day!?!

Ways laughter can help your overall health:

      • Laughing give off endorphin’s in the brain:
        • Endorphin’s are what makes it easier for you to deal with and manage the deadly stresses in your life.
      • Laughing could be an excellent workout:
        • We all feel that tight pull right in the gut when laughing and when laughing long and hard it almost feels like you have been doing sit-ups, well did you know that it is compared to doing a few minutes on a rowing machine or fitness bike!?! How cool is that, let me tell you I’d much rather 30 min of belly laughs than 30 minutes on a rowing machine.
        • And the fact is exercising increases lifespan…
      • We laugh more often when with good friends:
        • Having quality friends increases lifespan, when else do you get to laugh uncontrollably and be as happy as can be??
      • Laughing is good for your mental health and helps deal with stress and worry:
        • Living a stress free life increases lifespan

The age-old believe that laughter is at the heart of a healthy life is officially proven! If you live a stressful life then for you it is most important to find some reasons to laugh loud and often! So… there you have it both scientific and anecdotal evidence point to the fact that laughing helps you to live longer and happier! If you are wondering your lifespan why not try a fortune teller, they can give you an estimated lifespan as well as some suggestions to increase that lifespan.

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