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How Does The Rest Of The World Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st of each year, Halloween is derived from “All Hallows’ Eve”, the eve before the Western Christian feast of All Hallows (All Saints) which is celebrated on November 1st. What I was curious … Continue reading

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What Does 2013 Hold For The Scorpio?

Today we have another zodiac sign change: we went from Libra to Scorpio on October 23rd – November 22nd. The Scorpio is the only sign that has 3 animal totems, the well-known Scorpion is the first, and the second is the … Continue reading

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Find A Halloween Costume To Suit Your Zodiac Sign

I love looking for the perfect Halloween costume but imagine if not only could you find the perfect one for you but the perfect one for your zodiac sign!?! That’s what we are going to do right now, each of … Continue reading

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The History Of The Salem Witches

Don’t you just love October!?! The leaves changing color and falling the smells in the air and the history all over, especially in Salem, MA… Salem, MA is busy-busy-busy this month from fairs, festivals and parades for the whole family … Continue reading

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The Detoxifying Benefits Behind The Autumn Foods?

From apples and kiwi to pumpkins and turnips there are so many different autumn foods with amazing benefits here are just a few. Fall Fruits: Apples & Pears: We all know the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor … Continue reading

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