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Which Element Are You?

So, which element are you? In order to find out all you need to know is your birthday, all of our birthdays fall under a zodiac sign and each element has 3 zodiac signs within the element. There’s Fire, Air, … Continue reading

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What does 2013 hold for the Taurus?

Sunday changes the zodiac sign again; we go from Aries to Taurus on April 21st till May 21st. So… What can we say about all of our Taurus friends??? They are patient, reliable, loving people, but like us all we … Continue reading

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What Color is your Aura?

Well. First off, what is the Aura? An aura is a field of gleaming energy surrounding a person or object, the representation of this aura predicts a person’s power in spirituality. There are many colors and from each color there … Continue reading

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Could You Have The Spring Blues?

I know it seems crazy right!?! With the warmer weather, more sunlight, birds are chirping and flowers blooming how anyone could have the spring blues!?! But the fact is they do and for many reasons, maybe you are done with … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Develop Psychic Powers

I know I have thought about it and I am pretty sure you have thought about it, I mean, why else would you be reading this right now!?! The ability to develop psychic powers, that’s an amazing thing don’t you … Continue reading

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