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Born with a “Cauling”: Naturally Psychic Kids?

One of the oldest and most mysterious phenomena known to humans is babies who are “born in the caul.” Said to be born with a veil and called “caulbearers,” these are children who are born with a membrane encasing their … Continue reading

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Indigo Children: New Age Propaganda or Truth?

The concept of the so-called indigo children arises directly out of the New Age movement that’s been sweeping through the world on the heels of the counter-culture days.  The term was first coined by parapsychologist Nancy Ann Tappe who began … Continue reading

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Visualization as a Psychic Tool

Here at we believe that everyone has the potential to be psychic. More to the point, everyone IS psychic to one degree or another and it’s just a matter of honing your psychic skills, just as you would hone … Continue reading

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On Gratitude and Manifestation

Here we are, finding ourselves once again in the Thanksgiving season. This is the time of year when, just like Mother Nature, we turn our energies inward and are a little more contemplative about our lives. Not only do we … Continue reading

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Meditation and Psychic Development

Most people who are believers in the supernatural and/or psychic phenomenon tend to be very open-minded people, and people who are spiritual seekers. They are people who either grew up within a particular religious framework which at some point they … Continue reading

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